Corrine Malcolm on Suffering, the Tahoe Rim Trail, and Her Return to Racing (Ep.118)

If you’ve followed coverage of ultrarunning at all over the last few years, Corrine Malcolm is a name you’ve probably heard a lot. But between Corrine’s roles as a podcast host, running coach, science writer, and her more recent exploits live-commentating races like Western States and UTMB, it could be easy to overlook her as an elite runner in her own right. So we put Corrine in the guest seat for a change and ask her about how she went from an Olympic-level biathlete to running professionally for adidas Terrex. We also dig into how her ability to endure suffering is a double-edged sword; how she prepares to talk for 20 hours straight; her top-10 finish at MIUT 115k a week ago; and a whole lot more — including, the truly bizarre hallucinations Corrine had while running around Lake Tahoe in a single push.


  • How ultrarunning found Corrine (1:15)
  • Why Nordic skiers make great trail runners (4:38)
  • Learning how to suffer (10:34)
  • Overtraining vs. under recovering (13:07)
  • Corrine’s experience with overtraining (16:32)
  • Her favorite race distance and why (19:41)
  • Corrine’s Tahoe Rim Trail FKT (22:09)
  • How injury led her to a career in race broadcasting (33:03)
  • Talking for 20 hours straight (37:35)
  • Her return to racing at MIUT (39:37)
  • Plans for 2022 (41:17)