Brand Origins & the Evolution of Tech Bindings (Ep.199)

The Italian company, ATK Bindings, has been taking the tech-binding world by storm. And in this first podcast that the brand has ever done, I spoke with ATK CEO (and the son of the founder of ATK and one of ATK’s chief product testers), Davide Indulti, about the surprising origins of this family-owned business in Fiorano Modenese; a pivotal moment in ATK’s history; where they saw the biggest opportunities to improve tech bindings; and more.

And then next week, we are going to run the 2nd half of my conversation with Davide, where he and I dive deep into the details of ATK’s current product lineup; discuss the different features of their various models; and get a sneak peek of what’s next.


  • ATK, Ferrari, & the family business (2:18)
  • Decisive moment in ATK’s history (15:02)
  • Room to improve tech bindings? (22:00)
  • 2010 RT binding (33:49)
  • “Performing through lightness” (36:55)
  • What We’re Celebrating (49:28)