Blister Labs: Wheelset Testing | Updates & Initial Results

Today we’re providing some updates and discussing the implications of the initial results of our Blister Labs wheelset testing with Greg Vanderbeek (assistant professor of mechanical engineering at CU Boulder & the Western Colorado University / CU Boulder partnership program here in Gunnison, CO) and Travis Hainsworth (associate director of the Western-CU Boulder Computer Science Program).

Project Overview (4:19)
Carbon vs Aluminum = Complicated (7:13)
Preliminary Data / Fancy Squishing Machines (8:42)
Lacing Patterns, Impact Loading, & Dynamic Loading (12:12)
Marketing Wheelsets (14:43)
Challenges (18:58)
Next Steps (24:23)
Variables (26:38)
Learn More (38:32)

Video: Blister Labs Wheelset Testing
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