Blister Labs: Blister Community Reviews Update

Too often, the consumer reviews you find online are incomplete and unhelpful. But through our Blister Labs partnership with Western Colorado University & the University of Colorado Boulder, we’re working to change that. With Blister Community Reviews, we are creating a better method of gathering, synthesizing, and displaying user feedback from people of all shapes, sizes, ability levels, and locations, to produce even more helpful consumer product information for outdoor enthusiasts all around the world.

Luke Koppa and I discuss the origins of our Blister Community Reviews initiative; the takeaways from our beta testing at Blister Summit 2023; our goals for the future; and more.

Blister Community Reviews: Background & Origins (4:17)
Takeaways from Beta Testing (16:58)
Going Forward: Goals & Timeline (22:10)
Crashes & Close Calls (29:34)
What We’re Celebrating (40:20)

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