Bike Pant Roundup — 2022

The true test of comfort was two 50+ mile days during a cold bikepacking trip across southern New Mexico in late November, and I was so glad to have brought the Freyah as my only pair of bottoms. They were protective, warm, comfortable, and felt soft and flexible throughout many miles and climbs on the bike. Even as temps warmed, and the strong New Mexico sun came out, the Freyah felt breathable. I also found the option of a bike pants to be wonderful, as I crawled into my sleeping bag at the end of a long day, my legs didn’t feel caked in dust, so it was a much more comfortable sleep than I am used to on bikepacking missions.

The Freyah also fits in a very cute, flattering way, and the size 8 remained consistent with previous experiences in Wild Rye bottoms. While they can feel a little snug in the beginning of a ride, the material is super stretchy and starts to relax. Though, they never feel excessively loose, even when wearing them several days in a row. Throughout the hips, butt, and thighs, they felt like a contoured, flattering fit that didn’t restrict movement whatsoever.

The Freyah is a thinner material than the Shredly Cascade, which might make them more versatile. I have found this material from Wild Rye to still be robust and durable, though, as my original Freel shorts have sustained lots of rides and a couple big crashes. The Freyah has reinforced knees, which reportedly fit knee pads under the pants, though I haven’t tested this. They also offer two, side-zippered pockets that are ideal for smaller items, not quite roomy enough for my large phone. The construction of the Freyah features several panels of materials, which I think caters to a flattering fit while still offering great mobility and articulation over key zones, especially the knees. The patterned detail of the cuff is also featured in the back of the waist, which is cute, but not overkill on pattern or colors, keeping them a simple, clean look while still having a bit of Wild Rye’s classically beautiful, nature-based prints.