Antidote Woodsprite | Blister

The Frame

As with all of Antidote’s bikes, the Woodsprite is made in their own factory in Poland, in carbon fiber only, and the raw carbon is the star of the show, aesthetically. The overall lines of the Woodsprite frame are very similar to the Carbonjack as well, though once you dig deeper some differences start to emerge. For one, the big cutout at the bottom of the downtube is gone, but (more significantly) the suspension layout is substantially different.

Both feature a version of Antidote’s Floating Damper System (FDS) which positions the rear shock sideways behind the seat tube, and actuates it from both ends, with a small rocker link driving the upper eyelet. But where the two bikes differ is in what happens with the lower shock eye — the Carbonjack features a solid rear triangle, with a second mini link that pivots concentric to the bottom bracket shell and drives the shock. The Woodsprite does away with that and instead uses separate chainstay and seatstay assemblies, with a pivot concentric to the rear dropout tying them together. The lower shock eye is attached directly to the chainstay.