A Very Deep Dive on Coffee w/ Sam Higby of First Ascent (Ep.2)

Exactly one year ago this week, we published a conversation about coffee on our GEAR:30 podcast (episode 158). And since that conversation is very much the spiritual predecessor of our new CRAFTED podcast, we wanted to give it a home in this CRAFTED feed, too.

While we are big fans of First Ascent’s beans, they might be best known for their instant coffee. So in this conversation, First Ascent owner and coffee roaster, Sam Higby discusses the difference between very good and very bad instant coffee; light roasts vs. dark roasts; the brewing process; brewing coffee at altitude; how to make great coffee on a budget; and more.

So today, we are running back our coffee conversation with Sam Higby, and then next week, we recorded a conversation on site from the best brewery in Park City. It’s pretty small, it’s quite new, but they are making extremely good beer. So stay tuned for that one, and I’ll tell you at the very end of this episode which brewery it is that I’m talking about.