A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt 1: The Basics (Ep.212)

In this first episode of our new “Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting” series, Blister reviewer (and bootfitter) Kara Williard sits down with Sam Tischendorf, a Master Bootfitter who understands the craft from all sides — from her background in clinical podiatry to working as a lead bootfitter, instructing at Masterfit University, collaborating with Tecnica, and more. They discuss some of the basic principles in achieving a great ski boot fit; why communication and in-person interactions outweigh technology when it comes to bootfitting; and some of the things to consider when you sit down with your bootfitter.


  • Sam Tischendorf’s background in Clinical Podiatry (4:56)
  • How She Got into Skiing (8:41)
  • Her Current Work as a Bootfitter (16:40)
  • Masterfit University (21:41)
  • Tecnica’s Women 2 Women & P165 (30:05)
  • Bootfitting is Feelings (37:47)
  • Communication with your Bootfitter (58:10)
  • The Customization Process (1:04:29)
  • Boot Longevity (1:10:58)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:22:23)