4-Ski Quivers: Reviewers’ Selections (23/24)


Well, it’s once again that time of year. Some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are already skiing, while the rest of us are champing at the bit. And one of the most entertaining ways to fill time before ski season and between early-season storms is to fantasize about your dream ski quiver.

We kicked things off with giant 5-ski quivers, and now we’re asking our reviewers to narrow it down — just a bit — to 4 skis.

As we state in all our quiver selection articles, there is no single perfect quiver for everyone. It all depends very much on where you ski and how you ski. So our selections below should not be viewed as our answer to the question, “What are the best skis out there?”

Instead, these are our reviewers’ personal picks, along with their rationale for why they would choose them.

As always, we’re interested to hear what you’d pick for your own quiver, so let us know in the Comments section at the bottom.

More Ski-Quiver Guidance

For more general suggestions — as opposed to what we personally would pick — check out our Winter Buyer’s Guide.

And if you’d like to get our recommendations for assembling your own ski quiver, then become a Blister Member, submit your question via the Blister Member Clubhouse page, and we’ll get you sorted out.

How Many Skis?

This year, we’re once again starting with our picks for hypothetical 5-ski quivers, partly because it’s just fun to think about, and partly because we do know a lot of people with some pretty expansive collections of skis. And even if you’re opting for a 1- or 2-ski quiver, seeing how we think about assembling a larger quiver may still be beneficial in terms of you sorting out the compromises you’re willing to live with.

So between our Buyer’s Guide quiver section + what we have here, we hope to help you figure out (a) what size quiver makes the most sense, and (b) give you a bit of direction on how best to think about assembling your own quiver. Or just provide some entertainment.

We’ll be starting with 5-ski quivers, then narrowing it down to our 4-, 3-, 2- and 1-ski quivers over the course of the coming weeks.

Four Questions

For each of our reviewers, we asked them to answer the following questions:

I. Which currently available skis would you pick for your own 4-ski quiver, and why?

II. What skis were the most difficult to leave off your list?

III. What skis do you imagine have the greatest likelihood of making your list, if and when you get to ski them, or get to ski them more?

IV. If you had to choose a single brand from which to build your 4-ski quiver, which company would you pick?