2023 Santa Cruz 5010 | Blister

The Frame

Santa Cruz has been migrating their 27.5’’-wheeled models over to MX mixed wheel setups for a while now, with the Bronson and Nomad making the leap (plus the V10, which has had MX and 29’’ options for a while now), and with the new 5010, the process is complete — pour one out for 27.5’’ front wheels.

The new 5010 still has 130 mm of VPP-driven rear travel, paired with a 140 mm fork, but it’s now offered in six sizes, from XS through XXL — with the XXL being a new offering for the model.

The outgoing 5010 V4 was only offered in carbon fiber, but the new V5 bike gets an aluminum option in addition to Santa Cruz’s standard C and CC carbon fiber layup options. In short, the C frame is a slightly more affordable option, whereas the top-spec CC frames get a fancier layup that trims a little weight, allegedly at no cost to stiffness or durability. Santa Cruz also notes that the carbon layup gets tweaked on a size-specific basis to tailor the frame stiffness for different-sized riders. As with Santa Cruz’s other models, the 5010 gets a lifetime frame warranty, including coverage of the pivot bearings.