2023 Line Blade Optic Skis | Blister Summit Brand Lineup

We talk with Line’s marketing manager, Connor Clayton, about Line’s new collection of metal-laminate freeride skis, the Blade Optics. We discuss the origin of the series, how it combines elements of the Line Blade and Line Vision skis, Line’s “Gas Pedal Metal” construction, and the four Blade Optic models.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

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  • Connor’s History at Line 00:00
  • Line Blade Optic Skis: Background & Overview 8:56
  • Replacing the Line Sick Day Series 17:46
  • “Gas Pedal Metal” 19:45
  • Line Blade Optic 96, 104, & 114 23:26
  • “Freeride Through a New Lens” 26:43