2022-2023 Wagner Summit 109 | Blister Review

Who’s It For?

Luke: As I alluded to above, the Summit 109 is a ski that I think could make a whole bunch of skiers happy. So this is once again a case where I think the most efficient method is to outline who it’s not for. And in my mind, that’d basically be (1) people who love really heavy skis because of how composed, calm, and damp they feel when skiing fast, even in rough snow, and (2) those who want a ski that sits on the opposite side of the spectrum, with minimum weight and maximum maneuverability. Also, at around 109 mm underfoot, the Summit 109 obviously isn’t ideal if you’re never going to be using it in soft conditions, though I’m sure plenty of people could be happy using it as their daily driver at a resort that rarely sees super firm conditions and does see lots of soft snow.

Outside of those categories, the Summit 109 offers a lot to like for a lot of people. It’s more damp and stable than many lighter alternatives, but it’s more agile and playful than heavier (and even similarly heavy) options. It can work for aggressive directional skiers, but it also allows you to ski it fairly centered and even skis switch pretty well. It feels most at home in soft snow, but it’s also a very good carver and offers enough suspension and maneuverability to still feel fairly practical skiing all over the mountain when it hasn’t snowed in weeks.

Bottom Line

The Wagner Summit 109 is a fairly wide ski that is a blast to ski in all sorts of soft conditions, yet it remains enjoyable long after the fresh lines have been cut up and packed down. It’s difficult to neatly slot into an established category because it feels more agile than its weight suggests, still feels smoother and more stable than most lighter alternatives, and can be enjoyed by both directional and more playful skiers.

Deep Dive Comparisons

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