2022-2023 Tecnica Mach1 MV 130 & Mach1 LV 130


As always, our “Fit” sections will never replace the usefulness of the advice of an experienced bootfitter, nor are they designed to do so. The fit of any boot is the deciding factor and everyone’s feet are different, so we highly, highly recommend visiting a bootfitter before settling on a boot. With that said, here are some of our thoughts on the fits of the Mach1 MV and Mach1 LV boots.

Fit: Mach1 MV

Luke Koppa: For reference, I have a fairly wide midfoot, low instep, low-volume ankle, and skinny calves. Before the Mach1 MV, the boot that fit me best was the Nordica Strider / Speedmachine, though I had to punch out the midfoot a bit and raise my heel slightly to get it to work for me.

Frankly, the main reason I’ve spent so many days in the Mach1 MV 130 is that it’s by far the best out-of-the-box fit I’ve ever had in a boot. I still sometimes get pain at the widest point in my midfoot (particularly when it’s warm outside or I’m bashing firm moguls all day), and I have more room around my ankle and instep than I’d prefer, but still, this boot fit me really well from the start, all things considered.

Compared to other “MV” boots with stated lasts around 100 mm, I think the Mach1 MV has a slightly lower-volume ankle, lower instep, and (maybe) wider midfoot than average, which is why I think it works so well for my feet.

Fit: Mach1 LV

Dylan Wood: I have a pretty low-volume foot overall, with a slightly lower-than-average instep and skinny calves. My reference boot is the Atomic Hawx Ultra 130 S GW, and I have been able to ski almost all “low volume” boots right out of the box without requiring any work (up until I got some calcification directly under my outside ankle bones on both my feet this season, but that is another story for another time, as it had nothing to do with the Mach1).

So, like most “LV” boots, I got along well with the Mach1 LV 130 out of the box. I would say this is a pretty true low-volume boot, and is definitely snugger overall than the Lange RX 130 LV, and more comparable to the Atomic Hawx Ultra 130. The Mach1 LV’s toe box is on the shorter side lengthwise, though it is fairly roomy width-wise. Compared to other “LV,” ~98 mm last boots, I’d say the Mach1 LV has a slightly more snug heel pocket, slightly lower instep, a pretty average midfoot, and an average cuff.