2022-2023 Rossignol Pure Elite 120 GW


For the 2022-2023 season, Rossignol rolled out all-new versions of their Hi-Speed and Pure boots, which make up most of their alpine boot lineup and span multiple last options, including 98 mm, 100 mm, and 102 mm. While this new lineup is derived from their previous All Speed and women-specific Pure boots, the new Hi-Speed and Pure boots have been reconfigured quite a bit. 

First, Rossignol integrated Dual Core construction into the shells (similar to what Lange has been offering in their boots). In short, the Dual Core method allows them to inject two different types of plastic to optimize stiffer or softer plastics in certain areas. The stiffer men’s models (the Hi-Speed Elite 130 Carbon and HI-SPEED Pro 130) use a carbon-fiber-reinforced polyurethane for the inner structure, but across the lineup, all the boots received the Dual Core construction method, with special attention given to the cuff. The new “Asymmetric Dual Core Cuff” uses higher density plastics on the inside of the cuff for better power transmission, while other parts of the boots are thinner to help optimize weight where less power transfer occurs. 

The next notable difference is the way that they altered the hinge point where the lower shell is attached to the upper cuff. By adjusting this to be higher, Rossignol claims that the new Hi-Speed and Pure boots can better utilize the effective range of motion of the ankle joint, which reportedly enhances the power of that joint to better steer and leverage the boot. They effectively heightened where the boot hinges / bends by 1-2 cm, which reportedly increases efficiency when switching edge to edge, enhances steering, and adds more stability in the carve.  

Lastly, Rossignol is emphasizing the customization and comfort features of this lineup. The flex can be stiffened or softened on each model, and forward lean is adjustable across the lineup. They also effectively eliminated any seams in the toe box of the liner. The Hi-Speed and Pure boots also feature their new 5-Zone Liner. The 5-Zone liner is preshaped with contours to better match the anatomy of the foot, including key zones such as the 1st and 5th metatarsal. 

The Pure boots’ features that are solely in the women-specific lineup include a double velcro strap which can be tightened and leveraged in two ways, allowing for more finetuning and adjustment. In addition, the cuff has been reshaped across the Pure lineup to better suit a women’s calves, which typically extend farther down the legs. 

For the whole background story on the new Hi-Speed and Pure boots, check out our Blister Summit Brand Lineup video with Rossignol: