2022-2023 RMU North Shore YLE 110

Who’s It For?

Luke: Skiers who are looking for a soft-snow-oriented ski that is very maneuverable, agile, and playful.

If you plan on using this ski on piste very often, RMU’s Apostle 106 makes a bit more sense. If you plan on skiing a lot of firm snow and want to ski it very fast, you’ll likely be better served by something heavier and narrower. And if you’re a directional skier who skis with a very forward stance and prefers big, drawn-out turns over quick, slashy ones, you’ve got better options.

If you don’t fall into those groups, though, the YLE 110 warrants a look, especially if you’re someone who is often seeking out trees, steeps, and/or airs when the snow is soft. And the snow doesn’t need to be deep for the YLE 110 to be really fun — it’s a blast in slush, and even a light dusting of snow can be enough to warrant breaking out this ski and taking advantage of its surfy, nimble, playful ride. Also, given the YLE 110’s low weight for its size, it’s a prime candidate for a burly AT binding for use in the backcountry and resort.

Dylan: Totally. I would just reinforce that I think the YLE 110 is a really solid candidate for a burly hybrid binding, and it definitely shines in softer, more consistent conditions, though doesn’t feel totally restricted to them.

Bottom Line

The RMU North Shore YLE 110 is a ski that offers a really surfy, maneuverable ride in any sort of soft snow, yet it doesn’t require as deep of snow as some fatter alternatives to feel warranted. It’s not ideal for charging through really rough snow, but for those who prioritize quickness and playfulness — while still being able to ski hard when conditions are good — it deserves to be on your list.

Deep Dive Comparisons

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