2022-2023 Lange RS 130 LV


Lange’s longstanding RS Series is built for someone who is looking for low-volume, top-end performance, but in a more easily accessible, day-to-day fit (as opposed to the lower-volume “RS World Cup” series). Cast in the same molds as the RX series but with a solid sole, WC-oriented liners, and (in some instances) a harder boot board, the RS series is great for someone looking to maximize performance without having to deal with the fit and comfort challenges of a “plug” racing boot.

While the RS 130 has remained mostly unchanged over the last several years, the most notable change was the advent of Lange’s Dual Core construction in the 2017-2018 season. Dual Core is reportedly the first mono-injected ski boot construction that uses two durometers (i.e., hardnesses) of plastic simultaneously injected into the same mold. This is meant to create a more reactive and dynamic feel from the ski boot, because zones that need to be harder for power, energy transmission, and support are able to maintain this stiffness, and other zones that benefit from a softer, more comfortable plastic are able to cater to comfort in the key fit zones, such as over the instep. 

The RS 130 is built with Lange’s Polyether Dual Core and Dual 3D WC Liner. The Dual 3D WC liner is pre-shaped to match the inner shell as well as the anatomical shape of the foot. While the liner is fully heat moldable, the shell is best modified through traditional methods of stretching and grinding. 

For someone looking for an all-mountain boot with the option of removable and replaceable soles, the Lange RX 130 L.V. (also available in a ~100 mm last) would be the better choice, though the liner difference between the RX & RS has the potential to change the fit. 

In addition to the RS, Lange offers the RS Short Cuff, which has the same features and construction but is built with a shorter cuff to accommodate skiers of a shorter build. There are also the RS Wide models, which are built to a ~100 mm last. 

The big change for the 22/23 RS and RS World Cup series of boots, relative to the 21/22 models, is a switch from Lange’s iconic light blue color, to a darker “midnight blue.”

For more information on the entire Lange ski boot lineup, please refer to our Deep Dive: Lange Ski Boots Brand Lineup

What Lange Says about the RS 130 LV:

Power and Precision. The new RS 130 LV is the result of our deep understanding foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behavior. Featuring our new, race-developed Dual Core construction, RS supplies incredible energy and flex control, becoming a natural extension of your body for total control through the turn. The anatomic shell design integrates perfectly with our Dual 3D World Cup Race liner, delivering unparalleled comfort, precision, and power transmission. Be One with your boots, Be One with your goal.”

The RS Series:

  • RS 130: $900
  • RS 130 Wide (~100mm last): $900
  • RS 120: $750 
  • RS 110: $650
  • RS 110 Wide (~100mm last): $650

RS Short Cuff:

  • RS 120 Short Cuff: $750
  • RS 110 Short Cuff: $650
  • RS 110 Short Cuff Wide (~100mm last): $650