2022-2023 K2 Dispatch 101 | Blister

[Editor’s Note: In the interest of getting you information sooner on some of the products we’re reviewing, we’re posting here some of our measured specs and manufacturer details, and will update in the future. Take a look, and let us know in the Comments Section below what questions you’d like us to answer.]

What K2 says about the Dispatch 101

“Ringing in the lightweight champion of the Dispatch Collection, the K2 Dispatch 101 Skis embody most of the key characteristics of their wider brethren while still packing a pretty punch when it comes to uphill performance. If you don’t feel like hopping on the skin track to earn your turns, these skis have mastered the art of reliable stability and control when things start to get skied out inbounds. A fantastic one stop shop for skiers of all stripes.”

Flex Pattern

Here’s how we’d characterize the flex pattern of the Dispatch 101:

Tips: 6-6.5
Shovels: 7-8
In Front of Toe Piece: 8.5-10
Underfoot: 10
Behind the Heel Piece:10-9
Tails: 8.5

Stay Tuned…

We received all 3 models from K2’s new Dispatch series this Spring, and have spent some time skiing them in the resort and backcountry. Recently, Jonathan Ellsworth sat down with K2’s Jed Yaiser to talk about the new Dispatch series in a video we posted. Keep an eye out for updates, and let us know of any questions you have about the Dispatch 101 in particular.