2022-2023 J Skis Masterblaster | Blister Review

Who’s It For?

Luke: As is common for skis in the ~100mm-wide all-mountain category, the Masterblaster could potentially work for a wide range of skiers. But I think its potential demographic is arguably a bit larger than most skis around the same width.

On one hand, the Masterblaster offers better suspension and high-speed stability than many skis in its class, but on the other, it’s also on the more maneuverable and playful end of the spectrum for a directional ski. It’s not going to be the best choice for those who want the most stable, most precise, most playful, or most nimble ski. However, its ability to do a lot of seemingly contradictory things is very impressive. So if you’re looking for a do-everything all-mountain ski and feel caught between heavy, stiff, demanding skis and lighter, softer ones, the Masterblaster could be a great ski for bridging the gap. I think it’d also be a great choice for those who have been curious about the benefits of a heavier, more damp ski, but who don’t want something that’s really sluggish and difficult to ski. It could also be ideal for those who have been on more traditional, directional, heavy skis and who are looking to try something a bit more maneuverable and playful, without seriously compromising suspension and stability.

Dylan: Luke summarized this nicely. The Masterblaster incorporates traits from a fairly wide spectrum of skis that make it a very appealing option for folks who feel stuck in the middle of said spectrum. And if you’re still not sure if this is a viable option for you, our accompanying Deep Dive article with comparisons to 20+ other skis in its class should help, or you could become a Blister Member, send us a note through the Blister Member Clubhouse, and we’ll work one-on-one with you to figure out the ideal ski for you.

Bottom Line

The latest J Skis Masterblaster continues to stand out because of its rare combination of suspension, stability, and maneuverability. It’s a ski that doesn’t need to be skied very aggressively to be enjoyable, but that certain skiers will be able to ski very hard when they feel like it.

Deep Dive Comparisons

Become a Blister Member or Deep Dive subscriber to check out our Deep Dive comparisons of the Masterblaster to see how it compares to the previous J Skis Masterblaster, J Skis Fastforward, Volkl Mantra 102, Blizzard Bonafide 97, Black Crows Camox, 4FRNT MSP 99, K2 Mindbender 99Ti, Faction Dancer 2, Salomon QST 98, Volkl M6 Mantra, Nordica Enforcer 100, Dynastar M-Free 99, Atomic Maverick 100 Ti, Dynastar M-Pro 99, Wagner Summit 97, Fischer Ranger 102 FR, Moment Commander 98, Renoun Endurance 98, Fischer Ranger 102, Line Blade Optic 96, Salomon Stance 102, & Salomon Stance 96.