2022-2023 Head Raptor WCR 140S

[Editor’s Note: In the interest of getting you information sooner on some of the products we’re reviewing, we’re posting here some of our measured specs and manufacturer details, and will update in the future. Take a look, and let us know in the Comments Section below what questions you’d like us to answer.]


The Head Raptor WCR 140S is part of a subgenre of ski boots built for high-performance freeskiing and racing. Sometimes referred to as “recreational race” boots, the WCR 140S and others are typically slightly tweaked from true racing boots to be more comfortable, especially out of the box (i.e., before substantial bootfitting changes). The motivation in building these rec race boots is to provide expert skiers, many of whom often raced in the past and became used to the unique traits of a race boot, an option for daily resort skiing that offers the comfort that is lacking in a true race boot with more precision and capability than most “all-mountain” resort boots can offer.

Though more comfortable than true race boots, rec race boots are generally not as forgiving on the feet in comparison to more typical all-mountain boots, due to their typically lower-volume lasts, thinner liners, stiff flexes, and snow-feel-focused boot boards. Most often we see them worn by groomer enthusiasts and elite-level ski instructors, but there are definitely folks (including a few of our reviewers) who happily use them on and off piste.

We found the previous version of the Raptor WCR 140S, the Raptor 140 RS, to be a beautifully progressive and precise boot with excellent suspension, while also maintaining a lot of snow feel. This new version features subtly updated shoe-cuff geometry, a tweaked spine shape meant to be more forgiving, new polyurethane that reportedly rebounds less, and a longer toe box. All of these changes were reportedly made to better suit the dynamic techniques required by slalom and GS courses, and consequently to better serve the adaptability required by non-racing “freeskiers.”

What Head Says About the Raptor WCR 140S

“HEAD’s innovative use of new thermoplastic means that the Raptor WCR 140S has a new level of absorption capabilities. With a 96-mm last, a deep heel pocket and long toe box for toe articulation, this boot allows skiers to remain more centered. Along with a FIS approved sole, the boot features Flex Performance tuning and Rear support tuning, with an adjustable flex of 150 to 140. The WCR Pro liner is customizable thanks to Liquid Fit, an adjustable tongue, and a double power booster Velcro strap. Four micro-adjustable low-profile Spineflex buckles deliver optimum, pinch-free foot wrap for an athletic fit and responsive feel.”