2022-2023 Atomic Redster CS 130


As always, our “Fit” sections will never replace the usefulness of the advice of an experienced bootfitter, nor are they designed to do so. The fit of any boot is the deciding factor and everyone’s feet are different, so we highly, highly recommend visiting a bootfitter before settling on a boot. With that said:

Jonathan Ellsworth’s Notes on Fit

Compared to similar boots like the HEAD Raptor WCR 140S and the Lange RS 130, the Redster CS 130 has the most snug heel pocket, which (given my particular heels), is something that I really like about this boot. (Your heels might feel differently.) It’s worth noting that the heel pocket of the Redster CS 130 is exactly the same volume as Atomic’s Redster World Cup boot, the Redster Ti.

In terms of length, the Redster feels a touch shorter than the HEAD Raptor and Lange RS. It’s also shorter than Atomic’s Hawx Ultra, so on my visit to Atomic’s headquarters in Austria, I did have Matt Manser lengthen the toe box on my Redster’s a bit. (That said, I skied a lot of days in the Redster before pushing out the toe box, so I would not say that the CS is alarmingly short compared to other high-performance, low-volume boots, but it is shorter.)

Re: the Redster CS’s instep, for a number of reasons, I’m hesitant to make strong pronouncements about instep height, but I’d call it lower than the HEAD Raptor 140 RS, a tiny bit higher-volume than the Hawx Ultra, and comparable to the Lange RS 130. Two boots that have felt like they have a lower instep to me are the Salomon S/Max Carbon 130 and the Tecnica Mach 1 LV 130.

In terms of cuff height, I’d say the Redster CS feels a bit taller than the Lange RS 130, and comparable to the HEAD Raptor WCR 140S. (Keep in mind, liners can play a big part in how tall or short a boot feels.)

Bottom Line (For Now)

Atomic’s Redster CS series combines race-boot features like a thick, PU shell and a low-volume last with extensive fit-customization features more typical of all-mountain boots, with the goal of bringing race-level performance to a more versatile overall package. Blister Members can check out our Flash Review for our thoughts on the boot so far, then stay tuned for more info.

Flash Review

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