2022-2023 Atomic Bent 110 | Blister Review

Who’s It For?

Luke: In my mind, there are a few ideal scenarios for the Bent 110. Across, the board, I think it’s definitely best suited to those who focus on freestyle skiing and/or just ski with a more centered, upright stance. I think some directional skiers who are accustomed to more rearward mount points will not find the Bent 110 all that intuitive.

The other thing to keep in mind is the Bent 110’s weight, or more accurately, its lack of it. At about 1865 grams for the 188 cm length, the Bent 110 could certainly serve as a dedicated touring ski, especially if you don’t need the lightest possible option but like the sound of the Bent 110’s playful, maneuverable ride. It could also be a great 50/50 ski for use inside the resort and in the backcountry, and I think it makes the most sense in that context when you’d primarily be breaking it out in the resort when the conditions are pretty soft. Finally, as a lift-access-only ski, again, I think the Bent 110 makes the most sense when primarily used in soft conditions, and for skiers who place a much higher priority on maneuverability, quickness, and playfulness, rather than suspension or stability.

Dylan: Luke summed this up really well. While we often like to remind directional skiers looking for a maneuverable ski that they shouldn’t be disregarding an all-mountain freestyle ski, I really don’t think the Bent 110 is a practical choice for those who like to drive the shovels of their skis.

Instead, the Bent 110 makes a lot of sense if you want something quick, maneuverable, and playful — and you ski with a balanced, centered stance. I really liked it as a touring ski, and I think that anyone with even a smidge of interest in uphill skiing ought to consider mounting it with a 50/50 binding (e.g., Shift, Duke PT, CAST) or at least complementing it with a pair of Daymaker touring adapters once you realize how light it is.

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Bottom Line

The Atomic Bent 110 brings much of the popular Bent Chetler 120’s playfulness, low weight, and maneuverability to a slightly more practical, narrower platform. Like its wider sibling, the Bent 110’s standout traits are how nimble, surfy, and agile it feels, but those things come at the cost of stability, suspension, and composure in variable conditions. For those looking for a lightweight, freestyle-friendly ski for soft conditions, the Bent 110 offers a unique ride that could be a good fit, whether you plan on riding lifts or skinning uphill for your turns.

Deep Dive Comparisons

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