20+ Years as a Pro Skier: Mark Abma

Mark Abma came to Western Colorado University for another edition of our Blister Speaker Series, where he broke down his segment from the MSP film, ALL IN; discussed his part in the new MSP film, Land of Giants; ran us through his preparation for ski season; longevity; confidence; pressure; staying calm; and more.

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Intro 00:00
Revisiting your segment from “ALL IN” 1:47
Evolving Big Mtn Skiing 3:57
New MSP film: The Land of Giants 12:05
Longevity in Skiing 17:12
Your Preparation for Ski Season 21:00
Confidence 24:01
When / How Did Energy & Housing Become Big Issues for You? 28:49
Advice to Students about Life After College? 38:24
Audience question: Spinning vs Flipping 42:00
Audience question: Staying Calm on Big Lines? 43:47
Audience question: Training 45:13
Audience question: Snow Safety when Traveling? 48:00